Gold Member (see details below)

£562.00 Plus SGLtd sub

Silver Member (n/a)

No longer available

Bronze Member (see details below)

£347.00 Plus SGLtd sub

18 to 25 Member (new first year only)

£192 rising to £510.00 (dependent on age) Plus SG Ltd sub

Student Member

£192.00 Plus SGLtd sub

Junior Member (Under 18)


Juvenile Member (Under 15)


Junior-Junior (Under 11)


Social Member

£12.00 (inc. VAT)


£30.00 (£15 Juniors)

Entry Fee (Suspended)


Insurance included in all playing rates

Concessionary Rate for Members Guests

£15 for 1
£12 each for 2
£10 each for 3   

Category Details

Two levels of ordinary membership, with full handicap facilities, are available to all adults.

Gold –
Full membership paying the total annual subscription.

Silver –
No longer available

Bronze –
Full membership for those resident more than 30 miles from the  club. Bronze members may also introduce guests at 50% of the normal green fee.


Payment Options

The Club can help with various payment options both at entry or annually with Fairway Credit direct debit instalment plan. Shona, on 01848 331779 (Monday, Thursday and Friday 9am – 5pm) will always be pleased to discuss what is best for you.


SG Ltd Subscriptions

We are informed that the rates for 2021 Gents and Ladies are £18.00. These are remitted by the Club on your behalf through our subscription process.



All applications for Full membership require a deposit of 20% (to the nearest full £) of the annual subscription. Deposits are only required for full membership.


2024 Membership

2024 Fixture List Final

Thank you for joining Thornhill Golf club for 2023 and best wishes for good weather and a successful year on the golf course.

Keep it smart.

Members need to remember their responsibility for the upkeep of the course and the efficient operation of club competitions. Please do your utmost to:

  • repair pitch marks at all times
  • use litter bins and keep the course tidy
  • replace divots with care
  • remove stones in bunkers and place in litter bins
  • play matchplay ties by the designated date
  • use BRS bookings appropriately and notify any time you are unable to fulfil your booking